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All proceeds from this website go toward the Care of the wonderful animals that we Shepherd

we offer a range of items painted by our goats , matt board paintings in different sizes , clothing , we also have other farm theme items , handspun yarn , handmade candles , lip balms , skin balm , pet toys , and art by humans !   Paintings by Goats is something that has been accomplished by using an animals natural instincts , not all goats are interested in painting , but some just love it ! this is a fun , unusual and interesting gift to give , or just to have for yourself !

Please check out our web store to buy items , we are adding new inventory , our site is always under construction! We are Now on Facebook ! please like and follow us at Paintings by Goats !  You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel here  , also , our goats were on the news , go watch the story !!

Curious? Or thinking about taking up a homesteading lifestyle? Stop in for a free impromptu talk on animal husbandry , homestead crafts , and raising your own food . 

We offer custom one on one , hands on Homesteading Classes

Please contact us if you're interested in classes

Price for Classes - Donation

Classes available will sometimes depend on Time of year and Circumstances

  • Sheep Shearing by hand ( easy methods for people with limited strength )

  • Spinning

  • Wool Processing

  • Milking by hand

  • Hoof care

  • Health care of homestead animals

  • Cart training a pony

  • Easy Cheese and butter making (demonstration only there will be no cheese eating 🤣 )

  • Bunny care and breeding

  • Goat kid disbudding (with a non electric iron )

  • Goat kid and lamb castration by banding

  • Piglet castration

  • Goat / lamb birthing  ( practice / demonstration )

  • Farm animal behavior and training to achieve respect

  • Canning principles -the basics no live canning currently but demonstrations , Q&A canning safety info.

  • Defending your Flocks and herds from Predators ( Strategies to keep everyone safe )

  • Homestead Butchery

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