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Love a Goat a Month Club

love a goat , give a gift to buy things the animal needs , get a monthly picture and bio for the animal you are supporting and a surprise farm related or handmade thank you gift from our homestead art and crafts studio


1. CHOOSE AN ANIMAL-- goats , sheep , pigs rabbits , chickens , mixed farm


⦁ HUG - $10 monthly for 12 months we will give your goat an extra hug & treat each day from you ! ⦁ give a HIGH FIVE to our Mom's , Dad's , and growing kids providing vital grain support $25 monthly for 12 months

⦁ FULL SUPPORT provide treats , hugs , grain and hay for an animal $50 monthly for 12 months

3. CHOOSE A PAYMENT PLAN -- one time gift for one month , one time gift for 12 months , monthly bill by email , quarterly bill by email

first month is $10 no matter which plan you choose , second month you'll wait for our invoice in your email inbox which will be the full amount you have chosen


surprise gift from our homestead monthly , send this as a gift to someone else ,

i don't want gifts in return


1. What made you think to do this ?

People often ask us how they can help , and also love the variety of items we have available in our homesteaad art and crafts studio , this is an option we decided to provide to allow people to both do something for the animals and at the same time receive fun surprise gifts

2. What kinds of surprise thank you gifts will i receive ?

if you'd like to get an idea of the things you might receive , just surf around our webstore , it might be handpainted , it might be painted by an animal , it might be wool ,it might be anything in the webstore or in the art studio !

3. What if I don't like my thank you gifts ?

first , please make sure before you join the club that you know the kinds of things you may receive by looking through our webstore , realize that gifts may not always match the donation value because we have to pay to ship you the gift , and also the main point of the love a goat month club is support for our animals , thank you gifts are just for fun and may have a whole range of dollar values , we encourage regifting if your gift is not a good match for you ... we do not take returns or do exchanges for thank you gifts , and you are welcome to cancel your membership and donations at any time , but no refunds will be given .

4. What happens if i do not pay my monthly invoice ?

thank you gifts will not be shipped until we receive payment , we will email you a reminder , if invoice is not paid 2 months in a row , we will assume you are no longer interested in membership , and your membership will be cancelled

5. What about animals that don't have a sponsor ? will they all still get these things ?

Of course they will ! our animals are all well loved and well fed , every animal gets what they need and then some :) this is just a way to personalize the provision they recieve and allow people to be a part of what we're doing here . 

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