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Margarine & Mazola's Duck Blog

Well I feel perhaps as a duck Mom I should make an introduction here , Margarine and Mazola are rouen ducks that we inherited from someone , they are sassy and active and they have something to say about absolutely everything . So we decided , why not let them have their own duck blog ? it might be fun , and as I mentioned , they have a lot to say ! so here they are in their own words ...

March 6, 2021

Day 176 of our captivity .... I'm Margarine , and this is my friend Mazola ... see our pretty picture ?? Well , Mazola and I don't really know how it happened , one day we were just packed up in some boxy things and hauled off to a new place , it was scary ... We do have a Mom here and she takes care of us .... but it's only been 176 days , so the jury's still out on her . Sometimes she moves quick and it makes us wonder if it's her or not , so we just run and hide in case it isn't ... what if it was a stranger that just kinda looked like Mom , that idea makes us scared . When we came we did get to bring Mr. Quackers and the kids though , so that was good , it seemed a little bit normal with them along .... oh ! and our swimming pool , Dad brought our swimming pool so it would be like home . But then the humans put us in a pen that was different than the one we used to have , this one had weird ducks in it that we never saw before , one of them has a bun on her head , they look funny .... but they have their own house ,so its kind of ok . Sometimes they come swim in our pool and go look in our house though , and we think that might be kinda rude . Here they are , the humans call them Wilma and Betty ... you know ... because of the bun . Well , we have a trip to the pool planned today , its raining outside and we love that . We'll tell you more later about all the weird adventures we've been having since we got here .

Wilma and Betty

March 8 , 2021

Hey , this is Mazola here , I have to write the blog today because Margarine is busy , I'll tell ya why in a second , cause its really exciting ! Well , first of all , one morning we noticed a weird thing in our pen , the humans must have put it there ... then I realized , it was a boxy kinda thing like the one we came here in . Hey ! we're not moving again are we ? oh no ! Well it didn't seem like they were trying to catch us or anything ... so we went over to look at the boxy thing and see what's going on here . It had hay inside , and it was really neat in there ! After we made sure there were no humans ready to jump on us and capture us again , Margarine stood guard while I went inside . Hey , come on in it's fine in here !! So Margarine came in too , and we've been using it for a club house where we can have some time away from the kids . I think I heard Mom call it a Nesty box , but I'm not sure on that , sometimes I don't listen to Mom as well as I should . But I noticed something weird then .... the humans keep on looking inside the nesty box and checking every corner every day , they seem sad then when they didn't find anything . We started wondering what they are looking for in there ? We think maybe they want us to do something , but we didn't know what . Well , now here is the good part ... this morning , Margarine laid an egg !! Mom was so happy ! you might say she was eggxcited !! haha , that's just a little joke ... Well we were all in an uproar and running around quacking and happy , an egg , an egg !!! I am still thinking about whether I want to lay an egg too , that did make Mom really happy , but you know I can't just lay an egg all of the sudden , I gotta think about it a while ! So now that the humans are celebrating the first duck egg of the year , it got me thinking ... maybe I should throw Margarine a happy egg day party ... no silly , that's not the same thing as Easter ... I mean like congratulations you laid an egg , kind of like a baby shower a little bit ? Maybe a banner and some streamers ? balloons ? what do you think ? Oh boy , Margarine just found out I'm on the computer and spoiled my party plans ... she says I'm silly and we don't need a party for one egg ... ahhhh oh well ... I never get to do anything fun . Maybe I'll think harder about laying an egg , and then we can have a two egg party ?

March 12 , 2021

Hey this is Mazola again , remember me ? I'm the cute one haha , ok don't tell Margarine I said that .... Remember about my plans for an egg party ? well I decided that kind of a thing is a really important occasion and maybe I better go ahead and lay an egg too .... well guess what ? all of the kids started laying eggs now !! What in the world is goin' on here anyway ? They grow up so fast ! i remember when they were just little ducks and now they have eggs of their own ! Well this was such exciting news that I accidentally told Margarine that I am still planning the egg party . Uh oh , now I'm in trouble . But here's the other good news , Our Bestest hooman friend who loves ducks came over and said she wanted some of our pretty eggs for her

Eggy Baker ..... Oh goodness now Margarine is here taking the computer away from me so she can say I' m wrong again ... well I'm writing this one , I'm not giving it ... OK she says if I won't give it I have to write her side of the argument too , she says I'm not listening again when Mom and other hoomans are talking , I think they said it was an eggy baker ... that's kind of a cooker thing for eggs I guess . Margarine says that's not what it is at all , it's and Incubator for hatching cute little ducks ! What ? Well I did get it all wrong didn't I? Wouldn't that be great if our special hoo man friend hatched out cute baby ducks ? they'd look just like us only tiny and fluffy and yellow with stripey marks .... OK well Margarine says that doesn't sound like us at all does it... yeah but the kids used to look like that when they were little remember Margarine ? then when they grew up they looked more like us . Well I don't care what Margarine says , if we can't have the egg party , if the eggy baker hatches out babies with our friend , we are having a baby duck party ... a duckling party .. Mom calls them duckins .. she thinks it's funny oh boy .. poor Mom , she's not really that funny at all is she ? Ok well Margarine is definitely taking the computer , she says she needs to go to Walmart and do some shopping , whatever that means !

March 22, 2021

When Mom came in tonight for bedtime there was a big surprise waiting ! Boy I mean a big one too . Our neighbor duck Wilma laid a whopper of a giant duck egg right out in front of her house . Mazola says if you lay an egg in front of your house like that it means you are bragging about how your eggs are better than everybody else's cute little eggs .I'll put a picture down below so you can see her giant egg with our little one . Well , then I was outraged , I mean , how dare she ? Well , I got to thinking about it ... that egg looks pretty suspicious to me . I asked Mom if we could do an eggspirament haha , just a little joke there . We need to see what the deal is with this egg . Mom cracked it open , and there were two yolks in there ! Well no wonder it was so big ! She was cheating that's what ! I think a duck should take their work seriously , not taking days off and laying two eggs at once to save time , that's just selfish to your neighbor's that's what , We don't want Mom to think we only lay tiny eggs and the neighbor duck lays big giant ones .... that's just not fair . Well Mom seems to know that we work hard for our eggs , and she appreciates them too . Awww , isn't that nice ? It's always nice to feel appreciated .

April 9th , 2021

Hey Mazola here ... Margarine is busy again , she got a job ! Yeah , she got a job minding other people's business , that's what hahaha . So we have these other neighbors ... I think Mom said they are called the Moose Guppies ... but that doesn't make a lot of sense , you know Mom , she never does make much sense , I mean , a moose is like a deer thing with big antlers right ? and guppies are some kind of fish aren't they ? But these are ducks .... Oh , well Margarine says I'm being silly again , Mom didn't say Moose Guppies , she said Muscovies ... they are a kind of duck ... but a different kind than us , that's for sure . I'll put a picture we took on Margarine's camera when the neighbors weren't looking at the end ... yeah , she took that while she was spying on them . So they are weird ducks , they talk different than us , we can't understand them at all , and Margarine says she thinks they are talking about us ... you know , gossiping .... well that's not very nice if they are , but I think they talk about their own things and they don't need to talk about us . They don't quack , they only hiss and do a bunch of funny dancing ... it makes me laugh , but it makes Margarine mad because she says they are making fun of us . The Moose Guppies moved in the same day we did , but they are in the pen next door , they are almost in the woods ! It's like a park over there ! They needed a home too like us , and Mom said she would take care of them , but she knew we needed our own place because we don't understand their language , at least we can understand Wilma and Betty even though they are a little bit different than us . Margarine is peeking through the fence to see what they are doing over there , she says they are dancing around their swimming pool ... what's the point of that I wonder ? Well I think she is going too far spying , we should ignore them and let them have their own life , we don't need to try to figure out what they're saying about us . Margarine says she hasn't seen any eggs over there , she's looking with her binoculars now ... maybe that means we are Mom's favorites because now we are laying eggs every day , and the Moose Guppies aren't ... but Margarine says Mom will probably say she loves them the same as us ... well that's no fun ! Anyway , I think if we have to have weird neighbors , at least they are interesting .

The Muscovies

April 10, 2021

Hey it's Margarine , I'm back .... did I ever tell you about house cleaning day ? wow it's our favorite kind of day ! Mom is always in here cleaning , but it's very exciting for us because the new clean hay is so fluffy and fresh . Mom thinks it's funny , but we like to dig a bunch of tiny little holes in the hay with our bills , she calls it dabbling hahaha ... Well Mom takes out all of the old dirty hay and throws it away , and then she brings in these perfect squares of hay called flakes , and when she puts the new hay in our house , she throws it around and fluffs it out all nice ... as soon as she stops fluffing , we go in there to check it out and dabble in it . Sometimes Mr. Quackers goes in first to make sure it's safe for us and the kids before we go look . The very best thing about housecleaning day is how it shows Mom loves us because she wants us to be all safe and cuddly in a nice warm bed at night . We get distracted though , and we don't lay eggs in the hay right away , instead we are silly and wait until the nice new hay is all used up , then we lay eggs in there , Mom says this is funny of us , but we're just ducks , we dont know any better . We just like to play before we work that's all

May 5 , 2021

So Mazola and I have this friend , she owns a restaurant , and she saves things for us , like if she has extras in the kitchen , things like that . Well Mom and Auntie brought home a batch of spicy rice for us , wow ! that is the best stuff ever , it has veggies in it too , and it is a really yummy choice for duck snacking , we love it . It is nice to have special friends that care and like to share with us , it is very kind and thoughtful of them to do that . Mom wants us to have special things sometimes so we don't get bored with our food , she says its good for us , and I have to agree ,we want as much snacking as possible , bring on the spicy rice , we'll take it !

When we first came , Mom and Auntie clipped our wings . Well we didn't understand at first , Mom had to explain it to us , Auntie clips wings of new birds because they could fly away when they are afraid . If they do that , they can end up somewhere without anyone to take care of them , and they might not do very well if they don't have a Mom to feed them and make them a nice warm bed . I think I understand now , because at our old home , Mr. Quackers used to get in a lot of trouble with Dad for flying up in trees and sleeping up there instead of going to our bed where we were safe at night . That is like when kids don't do what their parents say really , Mom and Dad know what's best ,they want all of the good things for their kids . So now our wings are growing out , and they will get trimmed again by Auntie to be sure we will be okay , and we are good with that even if it is a little scary , because it is for our own good . Being where we can be taken care of , and where we will be safe every night in a warm bed is super important .

June 3 , 2021

Red alert Red alert ! .... the kids found our secret clubhouse and now we have a big problem , Mazola and I can't even take a break and rest on our own now , every time we turn around there's a kid in there ! Well ... Something has to be done about this . So I went on a mission to look for other clubhouses ... then i noticed , you know Wilma and Betty are never in their house the whole day , and the door is wide open ... they come look in our house all of the time , so I decided to just go over there and check it out . I made myself a nice warm nest , I even laid an egg in there . Ah... it was so relaxing not a single kid in sight ...but then Mom came and bent down and peeked in ther and said , Well what are you doing in there Margarine ? Oh eyeroll .... I guess I just won't have a clubhouse at all then !

Hey , Mazola here ... Margarine is busy spying on the Muscovies with her binoculars and her camera again . Well I have other superpowers ... I've been using my Eavesdropper ...Yeah its sort of like an eye dropper only for ears .. well it's a lot like Margarine's binoculars or camera , only for listening . Oh ... well you know what I mean ! Margarine says that's stupid , there is no such thing as an Eavesdropper ! Well yes there is and I'm using it right now , I hear some very interesting stuff when I'm listening . Shut up Margarine ! I do too listen ! She says just because I don't hear things right sometimes that I don't listen , well that's not true , I do , I just don't always understand what I hear , that's all ... hey I'm just a duck ok , what do you want from me ? Well I over heard Mom and Auntie say it might be Wilma and Betty are getting close to retirement , greener pastures and all that . They are senior lady ducks that's true .. I couldn't help myself , I started giggling ... Does this mean their clubhouse is coming available ? If it is we might want to make an offer on it . Margarine says that they will probably get a new Wilma and Betty if the other ones retire to green pastures . Rats ! We really wanted that for a new clubhouse ! Oh well , the kids will only find it anyway and peek in there . Better luck next time .

Oct 31,2021

When we first came , Mom and Auntie clipped our wings . Well we didn't understand at first , Mom had to explain it to us , Auntie clips wings of new birds because they could fly away when they are afraid . If they do that , they can end up somewhere without anyone to take care of them , and they might not do very well if they don't have a Mom to feed them and make them a nice warm bed . I think I understand now , because at our old home , Mr. Quackers used to get in a lot of trouble with Dad for flying up in trees and sleeping up there instead of going to our bed where we were safe at night . That is like when kids don't do what their parents say really , Mom and Dad know what's best ,they want all of the good things for their kids . So now our wings are growing out , and they will get trimmed again by Auntie to be sure we will be okay , and we are good with that even if it is a little scary , because it is for our own good . Being where we can be taken care of , and where we will be safe every night in a warm bed is super important .

I want to talk to you about Mr. Quackers while Mazola isn't listening . He is so handsome ! I'll put a picture of him for you so you can see what i mean . I mean he just makes my little ducky heart go pitter pat you know ... He doesn't always behave himself , he can be really loud sometimes , just excited to be alive . He is very charming , and he says I am a pretty girl .... awww that's pretty sweet heeheehee . Oh now I'm giggling . He also wants to protect us and make sure things are safe and good for us . If there is something new , he checks it out first before we do to make sure it's okay . He also leads the way to the house at bed time , I think he knows the kids need a bed time and we need to be a good example . Mr Quackers has a lot to offer you know , he makes our little family better all the way around and we love him .

Mr Quackers

Dec 9 , 2021

Well , you're not going to believe this , because it's really big news in our little ducky world ! We woke up the other morning to a bunch of scary noises outside our little house , we were pretty upset , but Mom talked to us through the house and said it was OK Well we were still pretty sure it was not OK !!!   So then the door came open and we ran out , I told Mazola and Mr. Quackers to get the kids to safety , and then I turned around and quacked really loud when I saw the big metal monster in our pen . Mom was dancing with the metal thing , what in the world is it ?? finally she got it over to where our house used to be , because now it was missing !! she plopped it down on the ground and put hay inside .. we just quacked and quacked all upset . Finally after Mom left , we got really brave and went over to look at it ... Hey we found our missing house shoved over in the corner !!!

But the big metal monster thing looks like some kind of tunnel , and Mom did put some hay in there ... oh my goodness !! It's a big new fancy duck house !!! That's what it is ! We went inside and Mom was laughing at us across the yard because she could hear us quacking in there and there was a big echo , hey quit laughing , that was kinda scary ! Well so far we are too afraid to sleep in the new big house , so we went in our little house again at night , but I think Mom is going to take away the little house soon , so we will have to get used to it I'm afraid ... maybe some curtains will help ? Well a girl has to try and make a house a home you know ! We did see Auntie trying on doors over there at the new house , and we were curious about that , but it looks like a trap now , if we go through that little hole how do we know if we can find our way out again ? We will see ... we're going to need some further investigations to decide , but in the meantime , I don't see anyone else with a fancy new house , so there !

Jan 29 , 2023

Well we have not been keeping up with our duck blog for a long time  , Mom is not very happy we did not hatch any of the eggs we were sitting on , and now we are making eggs for breakfast !! We got our computer privileges taken away until we start doing our chores better. Mom says that means we are grounded , we were spending too much time spying on the neighbors with our binoculars and telling you all what they were doing on our blog . Our neighbors the Muscovies have hatched a whole bunch of babies and we were so embarrassed , Mazola says that if we don't want to be  embarrassed again we will have to get busy and do better this year . Our room mates  Wilma and Betty moved away to a nice retirement home . The Indian Runners moved in and boy are they funny , they make us look like professionals , they don't even try to set on eggs ! One of the kids got married to a Pekin and moved away ... A Pekin ! can you believe that ? What was she thinking ??? Doesn't she know how noisy they are ?? We hope she will write or email or at least send us a Christmas card ! If she does , Mazola will get her camera and take a picture of it and we'll post it on here so you can see our outrage when their isn't even a Christmas gift or a fruitcake or anything with it . We can't even see her new house with our binoculars its so far away ! How terrible is that ? We won't even be able to babble on about how her husband isn't keeping their lawn mowed in the summertime  ! What is the world coming to these days ? These kids and their noisy ways , moving at least a mile down the road .... Oh well , just empty nest syndrome I suppose , we'll get over it ! And guess what !!! I forgot the best part !! The people that came and took the girl for the arranged marriage to "the Pekin" said they are going to adopt some Muscovy ducklings !!! Well that gets some pressure off of us hahaha . We won't even have to have ducklings , Mr. Quackers will be thrilled about that , he says ducklings eat too much anyway hahaha . Well tootleoo , signing off for now , love Margarine 

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