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More Resources for Homesteaders

These are some of our favorite resources  that we feel are really helpful homesteading and raising animals 

  • Websites & Online Stores 

  • Facebook Pages

  • Magazines 

Websites & Online Stores

When it comes to Websites and Online Stores , there are a lot of them out there , there are a few we find to be Particularly helpful

and we use them often , some are general purpose , some are more specific , but all very useful !

  • Fiasco Farm has lots of great information on raising goats , they do also sell supplements etc , but we have always just used them for information purposes 

  • in the world of Goat Keepers Onion Creek Ranch is just about a universally accepted website for goat information , particularly valued for medical information 

  • Merck Veterinary Manual website has so much information on it about a whole variety of animals , this is an invaluable resource !

  • Baker Creek seeds , one of the places we buy heirloom and rare garden seeds 

  • Mainstreet Seeds great bulk prices and non GMO  seeds 

  • This is a really amazing Online store that has a huge variety of old fashioned items from washboards to canning lids , oil lamps to cast iron , they are on the expensive side , but a really great resource to supply the newly starting homesteader or the experienced homesteader alike 

  • Jack's Country Store is actually a store local to us here in Long Beach , but they do have an online catalog , they are like Lehman's in that they carry a lot of old fashioned items that are getting harder to find , they have lots of cast iron , kitchen gadgets and much more 

  • PBS animal health has a great selection of animal items , lots of health and medical supplies , they are one of our go to pages to buy the things we need 

  • Again , great selection of medical stuff for animals 

  • Tractor supply has all kinds of supplies , feed , medicine , lots of other farm stuff 

Facebook Pages 

Again , bunches of great ones out there , but there are a few that we use a lot that we find helpful , some are mostly entertaining , some very supportive , some have super information , or knowledgeable people that can help with questions you may have


We don't read a lot of magazines , but there are a few that we find helpful . When choosing magazines we tend to look for ones that have a variety of information and resources for the homesteader 

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