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This is our own well used library of books , people often ask us what books they need homesteading and raising animals . These are the go to books that we always tell people will be a big help to you in this lifestyle .   

Also a lot of really good books we will be adding for the Christian homesteader who is in need of encouragement ,  guidance , and resources that help us during hard times .            

Hands down best canning and food preservation book , if you need to understand the hows and whys of food safety practices and preservation methods  this is the book for you

these are very much considered to be THE homesteading books , there are something like 14 volumes , and they have so many things that are sort of like the lost information that our grandparents knew , really fascinating , and if you can ever find any of them at yard sales etc , grab them , and keep hold of them , they are hard to find and expensive these days , but very much worth having in your library if you are a homesteader

good idea to have something like this , may help planting your garden and harvesting , reading the signs of the weather to know what to expect in your day out doing chores etc , good idea to become a student of weather

it's good to become a student of how people cooked during hard times , they tended to use simple ingredients and they were concerned with the food budget

this is a good book to have in order to understand predatory animals and the attractants and lures that bring them in in order to  catch them . we use this to help us in live trapping small predators for removal

this is a very insightful book for hunters certainly , but also for shepherds to learn how this preator behaves and thinks , which is essential to know in an area with a lot of bears

This is probably not a book everyone will be interested in reading , but it is a very very good resource , it details different things that a person may want to be prepared for and how to prepare , explores food storage , alternative sources of energy , recommends ways to survive short and long term , and discusses ideal survival locations

Great preparation and biblical based advice on how to navigate in a world that is difficult

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