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April 17, 2019

this is our first ever Blog entry! 

we decided to add a blog so that people can keep up with us through the year 

so here goes !

April finds us just finished with lambing , 2019 Lamb count stands at 5 single lambs , 

2 ewe lambs and 3 ram lambs this year ! We are also through most of kidding season

which will be finishing out next month , goat kid count currently stands at 14 !

first 2019 baby goats are up for sale and looking for their new families, and

the new set of babies will be starting to learn how to paint soon , Apache the pony

now has his first paintings available , and we have just completed a huge website renovation!

lots of new categories have been added to our webstore including our new line of natural beauty products ,

candles, gifts for pets , craft kits , and our brand new online thrift store !

we also added a new homesteading hints page!

Lots of fun new things happening in 2019!

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