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August 25 th , 2019

We'll be coming to end of summer soon , this is the time of year when we are getting everything buttoned up looking toward the rut for our goats and sheep to ensure next years crop of babies haha , and also starting to get a look at the group of babies who have not found their new forever homes yet that we may be wintering here ... we are still having oodles of rare breed baby chickens hatching , and new baby bunnies , so we still have cute things to snuggle .. baby goats are getting older now , soon the baby girls we are keeping , who are currently being weaned will be able to rejoin the herd. Lately we have had frequenting large black bears , as well as a mountain lion that has been screaming when we are out for late night milking of goats , it makes for a harrowing gauntlet from the house to the barn and back , not really that unusual a problem here in the wild west of Long Beach peninsula , but nonetheless stressful . As the season goes on , we are identifying and training new potential animal painters , This year's promising pupil seems to be Jane , she's a work in progress , but she's doing well so far , we are hoping to get this year's new bucklings Legend and Zorro to stay still long enough , so far not much luck , but Legend did paint one baseball cap for us , and Apache the pony is doing very well on his painting . We have recently added new fun animal videos to the website , as well as adding a new goats in the news category which can be found in the "more" drop down list , and we have begun adding instructional videos to our homesteading hints section , which we plan on expanding very soon , stay tuned folks , there will be lots of new things coming .

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