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Feb 5 , 2021

We are currently awaiting our biggest rush of baby goats for the year coming in February , Feb. babies will be ready for new homes in April 2021 !


Also , for those of you who have been waiting , baby bunnies are back ! we will have babies for sale again starting the second week in February.


new things at our website this month :

We are adding an Animal care section for those who may find it useful , this is currently a work in progress !

Also lots of new videos added to the website in the Homesteading section of the website , all kinds of goodies in there

new coupon / savings this month , Feb 1- 29 if you order anything above $50 on the website you will automatically receive a free surprise gift , no coupon code necessary , this will be applied automatically when you order


Don't forget to go and enter for the Feb giveaway at our Coupons & Giveaways tab , this months Giveaway prize will be garden seeds , no purchase necessary to win !

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