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October 3 2019

October finds us in the rut ,which is often a little stressful with all of the romantic goat drama around here haha , first new baby goats should be born around the end of February , babies coming soon !! when you are living this type of lifestyle , homesteading , farming , whatever you like , there are a lot of things that are just the every day practical things , like milking the goats , and that provides dairy products for our household , but raising baby goats and lambs , piglets and chicks , that is the fun part , the icing on top !! so we look forward to new babies every year , the last little while a lot has happened , we added some registered Nigerian Dwarf does to the herd , which we are really excited about , we got some registered bucklings earlier in the year , so we'll be all set come baby time for offering some registered kids this next year �?� we're also getting down to it , only 6 little goats left for sale now !! other goats have found their new homes , going into fall and winter it's good to have things settled . we should be offering rare breed serama and lavender orpington chickens pretty well full time now , so that's been great , still having bears and mountain lions and coyotes around A LOT , which is always aconcern for us with the animals we raise . Also , the big news this last little while is that our goats were on the news !! that was very exciting , and a lot of fun , go watch the story at

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